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barista. home in barcelona. flat white, mate.

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Cop article

A Teahupo'o Appetizer with Aritz Aranburu / The Inertia

BEAUTIFUL BLUE is everywhere.

Fran mmap md 700x495 article

How The Supposedly Lazy French Are More Productive Than Germans / Knote

THE FRENCH really know a couple things more. They have the magic recipe for a good living: fewer hours working + more productivity + more holidays = awesome existence on earth. Vive la France!

Segovia article

11 razones por las que nunca deberías visitar Segovia / Matador Español

INCLUSO PERICO Delgado, campeón del Tour de Francia, participa en la loca carrera del pavo siempre que puede. ¿Qué manera de promocionar el buen arte del ciclismo es esa?

Captura de pantalla 2015 07 06 a las 16.59.33 article

9 reasons Munich's Springfest is the most underrated German festival / Matador Network

IT'S LIKE its big bro Oktoberfest, but less crowded and with way better weather.

Leon 1200x854 article

11 razones por las que nunca deberías viajar a León / Matador Español

YA HAS visto demasiadas catedrales. Además, las leyendas sobre topos gigantes no te interesan en absoluto.

7913754434 884973d390 k 700x394 article

How To Get The Most Out Of A Negotiation / Knote

IF NEGOTIATION is an art, it’s probably the most valuable, considering it gets you what you want, and when you want it, and at the price you want.

415471721 cf25401c4d o 700x466 article

Break the Rules, Take a Nap / Knote

ONCE UPON a time someone said something very wise: “napping can transform you into the person you want to be”. He or she also said that “napping is amazing,” and you know it.

2736020052 c9b6f7df38 o article

Running Towards Success: Haruki Murakami / Knote

HARUKI MURAKAMI is one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to the magazine Time, where he’s considered an icon.

Michael jordan article

Be Like Mike: Make Today A Slaw Dunk / Knote

MICHAEL JEFFREY Jordan has different nicknames, but only one word truly conveys what he represents to the world: Greatness.

Vincent van gogh   head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette   google art project 700x585 article

Stress Is Slowly Killing You / Knote

DRINK IF nothing else works. No kidding. Alcohol can help you with your stress when consumed moderately. Sometimes it really works. And sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not science.

The joker by panzram31614 d4bdvpc 700x544 article

How To Overcome Chaos / Knote

NO MATTER if you are a planner or a wanderer, everyone has gotten stabbed by the everlasting chaos once in a while. It’s everywhere.

Usa today 8508654.0 article

Grizzlies stand up, hand Pelicans worst loss of season / Grizzly Bear Blues

PETE PRANICA summed up all Grizzlies fans' thoughts after the game saying, "If the Grizzlies play this way during postseason, it doesn't matter which seed they're gonna get."

15606911448 bcefdb2eac k 700x467 article

You Can Be Productive With Only 100 Things / Knote

COULD YOU BE still productive with only 100 things? Are you sure? Organize, choose wisely, and remove the stuff you don’t need. Stop consuming, letting things to dominate your life. Be productive and a minimalist (there are many benefits living in a “less is more” way). Start now.

Captura de pantalla 2015 04 08 a las 18.16.25 article

Los dos perros que me inspiraron a viajar y cambiaron mi vida / Matador Español

O LA HISTORIA de cómo viajando conocí a un perro y después volví a casa y conocí a otro perro que se convirtió en mi hermano y me cambió la vida.

Captura de pantalla 2015 03 25 a las article

D-League Playoffs Are Coming For The Iowa Energy / Grizzly Bear Blues

THE LAST TEN games for the Energy have been a positive roller coaster (4 wins, 3 losses, 3 wins again, and 1 loss more) as they started getting ready for the upcoming D-League Playoffs.